Frequently asked Question

Frequently asked questions

How to use your Yarwi bottle?

Rinse the filter under running water for 1 minute. Place the filter inside the water bottle then pour the water in the bottle. In just 15-20 minutes, the water bottle increase in PH up to 9+, While reducing ORP (oxidation Reduction Potential) to less than -150 and also microclusters the water for enhanced hydration.

How long does the filter last?

Approximately 180 days, based on 3-4 bottles daily consumptions.

How to clean YARWI flask?

Handwash only

Can filters be purchased separately?

Yes, in the near future you will be able to order additional alkaline orbs from our store.

Can filters be used as water infusers?

Yes, the detachable filter could be used as a tea infuser. Just make sure to set aside the alkaline orbs in a safe place for later. The alkaline orbs should only be used with cold water.

What is included with your YARWI bottle?

Each YARWI bottle comes with a filter filled with the alkaline orbs. Ready for you to enjoy :)

Payment & Shipping

Payments will be through our website. All products will be shipped by USPS and priced according to location and zoning.​ The tracking number will be provided as soon as the item is ordered and processed for shipping.

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