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Our Story

Yarwi started by two physicians who are always looking to improve health in a homeopathic way. During our medical school rotation and internship, our biggest problem was dehydration. With up-to-date research and published studies, we stumbled upon the benefits of alkaline water which have smaller molecules than normal, making it easily absorbed by your cells. So we came up with the idea of providing a filter on the go.

Our Mission

Various studies have shown that alkaline water has a faster recovery effect on human tissue and muscles. Scientifically speaking, alkaline water helps in boosting your immunity which we all need by neutralizing the acidity in your body. But the problem was that alkaline water is not always available in our hospitals or nearby stores.we created a convenient way for people to optimize their hydration through the power of alkaline antioxidant water.

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Address: 450 Midvale Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA

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