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Egyptian Gulf contributes 20 percent in the safety of payments capital

Announced Raya Holding for Financial Investments, the agreement with the Egyptian Gulf Bank to enter as a contributor to the security of electronic payments subsidiary.

The company explained in a statement to the Stock Exchange Egypt on Sunday, that the proportion of the bank's contribution of 20%, while the proportion of the banner of about 80%.

He was the company's chairman revealed negotiations with new investors to enter into the structure of shareholders of Aman while maintaining a controlling stake of the capital.

The statement did not elaborate on further details about the capital Aman size.

Raya Holding has launched its new company on Tuesday, and that target through which the deployment of 70 thousand machine electronic payment of all the provinces.

In another context, the statement pointed out that Raya Holding is considering the participation of Egyptian Gulf Bank shareholders and others establish a leasing arm during the coming period.

Shares in Raya Holding increased by 3.98% at 4.82 pounds by the end of today's meeting.

Vice President of Bank of Egypt, said that the outcome of dollar flows in his bank since the liberalization of the exchange rate in the third of November so far exceeded $ 630 million.

Akef said in a telephone interview Moroccan for "direct", on Sunday, that the outcome of the high-yielding savings certificates amounted to 55 billion pounds.

It was, said Tarek Fayed and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt on 21 November, the foreign exchange to banks contained volume during the past two weeks after the decision of the flotation amounted to $ 3 billion.

And put up a bank and National Bank of Egypt, in conjunction with a floating currency, new certificates of deposit interest rate of 16 and 20% for maturities of three years and 18 months, respectively.

Minister of Communications and IT said that Egypt is aiming to create a knowledge city on an area of ​​300 acres of new administrative capital.

He said Yasser judge in his speech during the opening of "Cairo AST" Conference, on Sunday, that the establishment of the city was commissioned by the President of the Republic, and many of them will be accomplished during the year, and currently are being reached to implement the best design them.

The minister pointed out that President al-Sisi ministry commissioned the establishment of two new provinces of Egypt through the localization of technology strategy.

Egypt aims to increase the contribution of the telecommunications sector in the GDP to 70.2 billion pounds by 2019, compared with 52 billion pounds in 2014, according to the Information Technology Industry Development.

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