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20% rise in MOPCO profits during the third quarter

Sources said the banks, the Central Bank of Egypt put forward today a tender worth $ 100 million.

The sources pointed out in a statement to "direct", on Thursday, that the result of the tender due to be announced in less than an hour.

The banking sources said earlier, the Central Bank of Egypt will present on Thursday, giving an exceptional value of $ 4 billion, will also announce the value of foreign exchange reserves at the end of last October.

The central bank decided on Thursday, edit pound exchange rate, and raise interest rates 300 points.

According to a source in a telephone interview with "direct", the Central held a meeting today with the heads of banks operating in the market and officials of the Treasury; to discuss recent developments.

He said the central bank, to determine the exchange rate of the local currency will be in accordance with the mechanisms of supply and demand.

Central banks were allowed a margin of movement of 10% more or less than 13 pounds to the dollar, even one in the afternoon, until tender exceptional, according to the sources.

Central and gave banks operating in Egypt freedom of foreign exchange pricing, through the interbank market mechanism (interbank), and allowed banks to open branches until nine pm, and the days of the weekend; to execute buy and sell currency and exchange remittances of overseas workers operations.
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